Brightstone Cooling Services

Cooling System Installation

We provides professional cooling system intallation services. We install both air-conditioning systems of all types and refrigerators.

Maintenance Services

Our experienced technical team take maintenance business to the next level by providing modern technology powered maintenance services.

Repair Services

Our team of experienced professionals provides cost control repair services. We give long lasting and satisfactory solutions to air conditioner and refrigerator problems

Condict pipes Laying

One of our arears of specialization is laying of Condict pipes for understructuring building. We assure you can trust us with your building projects.

Air Duct Cleaning

We provide Professional air duct cleaning services. rids the duct system of the pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens it collects conventionally.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

Some problems can be too urgent to wait for the next business day.This is why We have standby technical attendants to attend to emergency repairs.